Dunfermline Wedding – Windmill Barn – Peter and Victoria

Starting my wedding season at Windmill Barn at Crombie Point was a pretty amazing mix of emotions for me and I was so glad it was Peter and Vicky’s wedding. I’ve known Peter’s family for a while now – in fact I was the photographer at his brother’s wedding, where he met Vicky. So to photograph them all again was a bit special for me. It was also my first wedding back post-baby and also my husband’s birthday, so he had a day with the children while I headed out to work. As much as I love being a mum, I have to admit, I quite like adult company too. Turns out baby carrying is also a good way of making sure my arms were back in practice for wielding my camera kit all day!

I also had with me Siobhan Stewart as my assistant and second shooter for the day. Siobhan was awesome to have along – and I had the wonderful problem of going through her stunning work afterwards and selecting images – so many amazing candid images, she did me proud!

When it comes to pretty and rustic for weddings, Windmill Barn has it in bucketloads. I was so thrilled when Vicky and Peter booked me to shoot their wedding there, and from a photography perspective it really is a gorgeous location to work with. I have to admit, Windmill Barn was the perfect setting for Peter and Vicky’s day. It was also wonderful to have an outdoor ceremony on the patio in the courtyard.

And if there’s one thing the sunshine brings, it’s happy smiling faces. It was that feeling that you could release and relax and unwind. You were a million miles from everyone and everything, and there was something about photographing and capturing that whole essence of the day which made it so special. It just felt light, and dreamy – everything you want and hope for at a wedding.





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