what I mean when I say

I love taking photographs

I love taking the sort of photographs that people look back at for years and years. Photography is evoking emotional memories from deep inside your life. I love photographs that trigger different sensory responses when you look into them and you can hear a relative's infectious laugh, or you can hear your friends clinking glasses and cheering.

But most of all, it's all about "I was there, with these people I love". And not a single one of you is missing from the moment because you all came out from behind the camera and stood together, proud, happy, loved.

Kristin x

What you'll get when you book me

I have ten years of experience and expertise as a professional photographer

I like to be prepared and I do recces for all new wedding venues

I always work with equipment and memory storage back-ups

I can offer tips and advice to help you with your plans

I love working as unobtrusively as possible - it produces the best photos

I love natural candid photos, even if they look a little less polished and uniform

I understand feeling camera shy!

I keep my approach flexible and fit it around the day and the people

I love working with people who have a good connection with me

I care about wedding guests leaving with a great photography experience

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