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I'm Kristin, a relaxed and natural photographer in the quiet village of Lenzie, a stone's throw away from Glasgow, but I work all over Scotland.

I live with my running-obsessed husband, three kids who strike a fine balance between cheeky and loveable, and our two cat-flap-challenged cats.

When I'm not out photographing people, I can sometimes be found helping out at my local Junior Park Run or helping out as an owl at my local Brownie unit. I like reading books when I get the time, and binge-watching anything that's from NRK (I loved Twin and State of Happiness!).

I'm also half Norwegian, which is why you'll find a Scandi influence in my business as well as my style and approach. And yes, jeg kan snakke norsk.


I love exploring places that mean I can put the stereo on and have a massive singalong on the way. While I love my cats, I'm a sucker for a dog as well and love it when people bring them along to photo sessions.

I love being a photographer - it means I meet lots of new people and have a great time while working and taking incredible photographs. I'm friendly and chatty, I want you to go home feeling like you've spent time with a new friend who just happens to have a camera.

My photography style is vibrant and natural and about producing photographs of all those beautiful fleeting spontaneous moments that mean the most but are often forgotten about.

I like to keep things relaxed. No awkward hipster poses, no forced smiles. It's all about how you interact with each other and feeling at ease with the people you love.

Sound like the sort of photographer you're after? Brilliant. Drop me a line and get in touch.

Kristin x

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.


the meaning of

Struve photography

I Struve Photography started in 2010 with a focus on weddings. Since then, I've photographed weddings throughout Scotland.
Struve is my middle name, it's a family name from Norway.
And yes, I know it sounds like a piece of flatpack furniture from a Swedish store!
But it represents to me the things that matter most in my work - family. It also represents passing on a piece of your heritage, in this case photographs.





If you want to get in touch, you can also email me at [email protected]
Or call me on
+44 0781 2168596