Altskeith House Wedding – Robbie and Melanie

Robbie and Melanie had their outdoor Scottish wedding at Altskeith House, Kinlochard near Aberfoyle. From the moment of their engagement session, I discovered their personality in front of the camera. However this chemistry went beyond the camera too.

Every couple is different. They interact differently. Some couples are comfortable in front of the camera, others are notably camera shy. There’s a different dynamic with every couple. I suppose for me as a photographer, it’s exciting to see what will unfold in front of my camera. Some couples want guidance, others prefer me to take a step back and photograph from a distance.

If I were to sum them up as a couple, I don’t know quite how I’d describe them. Part of me would say they are incredibly affectionate, although not just with one another but with their friends and family. It was wonderful to watch them with their guests. Each person was greeted with incredible warmth to their wedding at Altskeith House. This certainly wasn’t that fleeting “thanks for coming” that you may occasionally witness at some weddings. It felt like every guest was a guest of honour. They took time to chat to people as they enjoyed themselves around Altskeith House. As I moved around, I could see them listening intently, or laughing or smiling, reacting to a story. When you meet people like Robbie and Mel, it makes you feel warm inside, and valued.

From that, it was easy to see why they had such a brilliant chemistry together. They listen to one another. They care about each other.

Robbie serenaded Mel as she walked towards their outdoor Scottish wedding ceremony at Altskeith House. This was a complete surprise as he performed her favourite song.

I’ve photographed Altskeith House weddings previously, and each one has always been unique and special. Likewise I’ve photographed other weddings on Loch Ard, and it’s easy to see why people fall in love with this part of Scotland.

Looking back through the photographs I find myself just remembering giggles, twinkles in the eye, winks, raised eyebrows, and so many smiles I can’t help but smile myself. I suppose for me that I love about weddings. That’s the thing I love about different couples – the dynamic that you find at each different wedding.


Venue: Altskeith House http://www.altskeith.com/
Band:  Cask Strength Ceilidh Band, www.caskstrengthmusic.com
Ice Cream (instead of cake): Glen Urr Ice Cream based in Castle Douglas; www.glenurr.co.uk
Hair: Carol Zarebsky Duffy, https://www.facebook.com/carol.zarebskiduffy
Wedding celebrant: Sharon Johnston – Civil Registrar based in Aberfoyle
Florist: Pretty Little Flowers https://www.pretty-little-flowers.co.uk/





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